Coloring Line

With a vast range of nuances, which can also be blended at will, Framesi’s world of color offers professional hairstylists and their customers’ infinite possibilities of creating unique and customized coloring solutions.

Framcolor 2001

Framcolor 2001 has a wide range of shades and is recommended to attain the required color for professional coloring. Hair experts can use different colors to create new shades to suit their clients

Framcolor Glamour

FRAMCOLOR GLAMOUR offers you 37 shades which cover 100% of any grey hair through its Grey Coverage Technology.

Wide range of shades with convenience to use at home makes it perfect choice for the consumers.



Three specific activators (Activator 20 – 30 – 40 volumes to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio) gives you the best results. Following range of activators are also available in the Framesi coloring line:

Ossidorr Activator : Cream developer, formulated with reconditioning ingredients.

Proxima Activitor: A new generation of liquid-cream-gel developer with added softening power.

Following decoloring products further strengthen the coloring line of the brand;


Decolor B Diamond

Decolor B Cream

Decolor B Glamour Blond



Color Method Range

To restore the natural balance and leaving the hair looking compact and glossy and to lock in and stabilize the color. Framesi color method color lock system ensures that it prolongs color duration and protects scalp and hair health. It includes the following range;

Antial:                  Dermoprotective Emollient Cream

Post color:           Color Stabilizer

Pro-Tect Cream: Anti Satin Barrier Cream

Shampoo Go:      Specific Post Color

SuperMask          Skin Cleanser

Ultra Violet Shampoo: Shimmery hairs wash for grey and highlighted hair