Finishing/ Styling Line:


Innovative styling and fi nishing products in a line specially created to meet a young and dynamic target’s demand for extreme customization.

Identity range of products are as follows;

 – Stay Stuck Medium hold mousse wax for softly structured styling.

Look @ ME: Protective, shine-enhancing volumizing fluid

– X.Pand: Medium hold volumizing cream for fine, weak or lifeless hair

– Hair Force: Instantaneous straightening fluid formulated to prolong styling.


A styling and finishing line that turns a daily gesture into a moment of wellbeing. Refined in both formulation and presentation, BY Framesi products are suggested by professionals for most exclusive look. BY products have different ranges according to hair structure and the required style;

1. White Pearl

A range to give the hair delicate forms and incomparable luminosity, moisturization and protection which includes

 • Slush Gloss: Gives glossy look to hair

• Frozen Glaze: Shapes, moisturizes, shines and ideal for wavy hair

• Pearl Shiner: Shine-enhancing spray

• Hydro Gel Light: Provides wet look to hair  

2. Extreme Lava

Extreme Lava can easily support the most extreme solutions, while the hair becomes stronger and more flexible with the following products;

• Sparkling Mousse Strong: Perfect for long-lasting curls without any stickiness.

• Volcanic Wax: Compacts hair leaving them brilliant and light