Form & Texture

Wonderfully soft waves and curls or perfectly straight and glossy hair…. changing the structure of the hair with Framesi’s permanent wavy and straightening lines means discovering new ways of looking beautiful.

–       The SILIS Silk Straightening System

SILIS provides seductive solutions for all those who dream of having silky, smooth and manageable hair.

Professionals can use any variant according to the texture of hair;

SILIS 1 Basic –  For normal hair

SILIS 2 Strong –   For strong hair


–       Multimove

The multimove formula, made with rice oil, helps creating a perm in the hair gently and effectively. Following are the different variants available in Multimove range;

Extra                        For strong hair

Multimove 1                  For natural hair

Multimove 2                  For colored hair

Multimove 3                  For damaged hair