Morphosis Treatment Line


The Framesi Research Laboratories, experts in combining state-of-the-art technology with Italy’s great cosmetic tradition, have formulated a range of treatments that satisfy the need to ensure beautiful and healthy hair and scalp with natural active ingredients from the Mediterranean area.
The Morphosis line is divided into 5 sub-lines for the treatment of anomalies of hair and scalp.

1. INTENSIVE CARE: Sensitive Scalp Treatment:

A specific line of treatment for sensitive scalp. To keep the scalp moisturized and soothing redness caused by any hair treatment. The treatment includes the following range;

• Exfoliate Emulsion
• Refine Mask



2. ENERGY: Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

In order to effectively fight hair loss and reinvigorate hair at the roots a special treatment is vital, to make hair more resistant, stronger, and thicker.

With MORPHOSIS ENERGY the Framesi Research Laboratories have developed a dedicated line to delay hair loss, favor thickening and to protect hair from ageing.

The energy hair loss treatment includes the following;

– High Potency Shampoo
– Density Intensive Energizing Treatment Drops
– Renew Maintenance Treatment Fluid

3.BALANCE- Oil Control Treatment Line:

Oily hair is the feeling of dirty hair which loses the volume within a few hours of washing. Total Control Shampoo cleans the hair and regulates sebum secretion without drying the scalp.


4.PURITY- Anti-Dandruff Treatment Line

A flaky scalp gives rise to dandruff, a common problem that can be solved with gentle treatment that starts by cleansing and continues by keeping the condition of the scalp under regular control.

The PURITY treatment includes;

• In Force Shampoo
• Defense Intensive Treatment Drops
• Essence Concentration

5.POWER- Reconstruction Treatment Line:

To recompose the keratin scales, restore flexibility and revitalize the hair, a complete formula is required one that can work on each part of the hair shaft. The brand offers a treatment line that reconstructs the hair leaving it soft, vibrant and easy to manage which includes;

• Harmony Fortifying Shampoo
• Multiaction Moisturizing & Restructuring Mask.
• Refill Oil.

6.DELUX: Color Protection Treatment

Freamesi, a hair care solution brand, have created a color treatment line formulated to ensure colored hair does not lose its softness, shine or chromatic intensity. The color protection treatments have;

• Delux Color Shampoo
• Delux Color Mask
• Delux Color Serum




7.SUNRISE: Sun Protection:

Protect, repair, moisturize so that hair too can enjoy summer. Just like skin, hair needs protection from atmospheric agents, especially at the time of year when they are most harmful. The sun protection range has;

• Glow Shampoo
• Sun Shield
• After Glow Mask





Minerals for hair care that restore balance to impure skin and fortify fragile hair.

• Balancer Mud: Mineral-rich sebum regulating mud that combats fragile skin
• Enforce Hair Mud: Restructuring mud for fragile hair




 9.SUBLÌMIS ARGAN: Restructuring & Smoothing Treatment:

A treatment for dehydrated hair that requires nutrients and preventative care that combines natural ingredients of Argan Oil with latest technology.