Live the absolute beauty experience.

Sothys- A brightest and the beautiful star of the sky, once lost reappeared as a Goddess on earth to whisper her greatest secrets- a secret to beauty and happiness to every women in the world.

A living legend of eternal beauty, Sothys is a brand that comes from the nature. The beautiful Jardina Sothys (Sothys garden) is the source of inspiration behind its products, where beauty is cultivated like an art of living. Coupled with their latest technology, Sothys put forward an inspiration to beauty and health. With their advance research, they have patented some of the exclusive galenic formula.

Sothys is synonym with excellence in beauty. With their 60 years of experience, the Mas family has brought forward their vision that is a success in top spas of more than 115 countries all around the world.  Their complete professional face and body rituals and high performance home care recommendations provide a single source to exceed